My smoking experience of Smoke 51

Once I made the decision to try one of the new water vapor cigarettes that are gaining popularity fast, I had to make the decision about which of the many cigarette brands to choose. Naturally, any product that is available on the market is going to be on the internet. That’s where I decided to start my research.

What I found was that there are many different brands of water vapor cigarettes and most of them are very similar in price. The V2 Cig, KR808D-1, Smoke 51 and many other popular choices offer starter kits in the range of $54.95 to $74.95. While most of these are similar in the way they are made and the contents of the starter kits, the big difference to me was in the availability and price of the cartridges. These are the part of the cigarette that contains the nicotine and which make the vapor. Not all companies offer the same range of flavors although they do resemble in price. The V2 Cig includes some new flavors to their wide range of existing flavors so that Island Coconut, Banana Blast, and Classic-Cola are added to give you even more unusual choices.

I was looking for something to replace the menthol cigarettes that I had been smoking for years so these flavors weren’t important to me. All I wanted to experience was the menthol taste that would help me stop smoking while making each smoking experience one that would be safer for me and for my family.

There are Different Water Vapor Cigarette Brands to Choose

When I read the reviews for Smoke 51, I decided that was a good choice for me. Although I would have to disagree with their claim that the water vapor cigarettes provide you with a safe smoke anywhere, they are a safer choice than tobacco cigarettes.
They contain only the nicotine of regular tobacco and not the other dangerous tar and chemicals that cause health problems and can even affect your appearance.

One of the things that appealed to me about the Smoke 51 was their explicit explanation about how the cigarette is made and what to expect. Even though other cigarette brands may have similar products, I like to have a lot of information whenever I make a decision about any products. The Smoke 51 website explained that the filter would have to be changed and how to know when the time had come. It also told me that for every cartridge, I could expect to get the same number of smokes that I would from one and a half to two packs of cigarettes.

One feature of Smoke 51 that differs from other cigarette brands is the combined atomizer and cartridge which is called the cartomizer. You fill the empty cartridge with the liquid flavor and nicotine strength of your choice. When I ordered my starter kit, I got the menthol flavored liquid that I preferred and all of the parts that I needed to charge and maintain the cigarette.

Overall, my experience with the Smoke 51 has been a positive one. I started with the full-strength nicotine and have worked my way down to the mid nicotine level. The one thing I regret is not ordering the extra battery since that was one of the weaker features of the Smoke 51. Otherwise, I have started to enjoy smoking after meals in my favorite restaurant again and my “smoker’s cough” has almost disappeared! This was definitely one of my better decisions!

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