Smokestik – Vapor Cigarette Review for the Most Popular Choice

Of the Various Vapor Cigarette Brands, Smokestik is the Top Rated Brand.

While there are many vapor cigarette brands, Smokestik is the one that stands out from the crowd. Not only are regular people who are looking for the look and feel of smoking real cigarettes turning to the smokes, but so are some of the most popular names in Hollywood! The water vapor cigarette goes a step above the rest of the cigarette brands to provide smokers with a smoking alternative that is not only satisfactory, but a truly elegant choice!

Smokestik is considered by some to be one of the top ten choices in vapor cigarettes. One of the reasons for its popularity is the frequency in sightings of celebrities who are using it as their smoking alternative. When Katherine Heigl and David Letterman gave a water vapor cigarette a try on his show, it was a Smokestik. Many others have been spotted with one of the cigarettes in hand. Due to its distinctive design that goes beyond looking like a real cigarette, Smokestik is easy to spot and it is showing up everywhere!

Naturally, anything that the celebrities are seen using is going to be more popular and the Smokestik is no exception. As far as the actual construction of the cigarette, most customer reviews agree that it is put together rather well. Where other cigarette brands are made to closely resemble real cigarettes, the Smokestik is made to get recognition! The starter kit comes with a USB charger and a wall charger so that you can charge it as easily as you charge your cell phone. Each cartomizer will provide you with the same number of smokes (approximately) that you will get from 1-1/2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

Customer reviews of water vapor cigarettes typically focus on the vapor produced and the flavor that is available during a smoke. Although the Smokestik is such a popular choice, some smokers are disappointed by the limit of only real tobacco and menthol flavor. However, many others prefer to stick with the real tobacco flavors rather than adding other flavors to the cigarettes. If you are looking for a vapor cigarette that lets you try a lot of different flavors for variety, you will want to consider other cigarette brands.

According to the many customer reviews posted about Smokestik on the internet, the cigarette produces a decent vapor that is of a better quality that you will get from other cigarette brands.

The starter kit for the Smokestik is much higher than other cigarette brands at $99. However, when you consider the difference in the cost of cartridges over the cost of real cigarettes, you will save a great deal on the transition. After all, once you have purchased the starter kit, you will basically have to buy only the cartridges to enjoy the same number of smokes for a lot less!

The last thing anyone in Hollywood wants is to age prematurely and yellow their teeth! When they make the change from smoking tobacco cigarettes to smoking Smokestik, they can not only change their health drastically, but improve their looks as well! Best of all, you can order Smokestik and do the same!

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