The Safety of Water Vapor Cigarettes

Are Water Vapor Cigarettes a Safe Choice for You?

With some of the controversy over the use of water vapor cigarettes, many people are asking “Are water vapor cigarettes safe?” The biggest concern that many people have is that the cigarette alternatives are not approved by the FDA. Electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, the addictive substance that causes people to have so much trouble quitting once they start smoking tobacco. Water vapor cigarettes are still a safer choice than tobacco for two simple reasons: They don’t contain the tar and other chemicals that are in tobacco and they work as a tool for helping people to quit smoking altogether!

Water Vapor Cigarettes are a Better Choice for the Entire Family

Water vapor cigarettes work by heating the liquid mixture that is in refillable cartridges. This produces a mist, or vapor, that quickly dissipates in the air. Unlike second-hand smoke, this vapor doesn’t contain any ingredients that make it dangerous to smoke around any member of your family. In fact, many people smoke them in areas where tobacco cigarettes are no longer allowed without anyone being aware of it!

The cartridges that you use in any of the electronic cigarettes for sale may contain the amount of nicotine that is in a regular cigarette, no nicotine at all, or an amount that is somewhere in between. Most people start with the full-strength nicotine cartridges and then gradually decrease the amount they are getting until they are down to the ones with no nicotine at all. The water vapor cigarettes have proven to be effective as a smoking cessation tool for many smokers, including those that have smoked for a long time.

It is understandable that these cigarettes contain nicotine and that makes them a dangerous drug according to the FDA. Electronic cigarettes are obviously the better choice of the two, however, since they don’t contain any of the tar and other chemicals that make tobacco so dangerous for smokers and for those around them.

The biggest difference between the different electronic cigarettes for sale is the ingredients in the cartridges. Some of them contain a mixture of propylene glycol while others are made with a glycerin-based solution. This liquid is what contains the nicotine and creates the mist that is produced by the cigarette. Some people prefer the taste of one type of solution while other people prefer the taste of the other. You might want to try two different types of cartridges from different electronic cigarettes for sale in order to find the one that you like the best. The more realistic and enjoyable the experience is for you, the more likely you will be to get the results you want.

Although vapor electronic cigarettes are not a type of product that would be labeled 100% safe, they offer you many advantages over tobacco cigarettes which have been proven to cause a number of serious health conditions. If you want a way to stop smoking while still enjoying the feel, taste, and sensation of smoking a real cigarette, water vapor cigarettes offer a viable alternative to real cigarettes!

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