I Gave Up Newport Cigarettes and Started Smoking Healthier with Vapor4Life

When I was in college, I went from being a non-smoker to smoking at least two packs of Newport cigarettes each day. All of the stress from trying to juggle a job, classes and a little too much partying made it too easy for me to become addicted to the smooth, menthol flavor that seemed to relax me. Like many other people, by the time I realized I really would be healthier if I quit, it was too late. I was addicted to the nicotine and the physical act of smoking that put me at ease.

While surfing the internet, I came across an article about “water vapor cigarettes” and I was intrigued. They claimed that they provided the nicotine that you needed to help you quit smoking while preventing you from getting the dangerous tar and chemicals that you get when you smoke tobacco cigarettes.

A little more research showed that there were many different water vapor cigarette brands. I looked into the Smokestik, EZ Smoker, and the DR808D, in addition to a number of other water vapor cigarette brands. I found that they were all similar in the way they worked with the greatest variation being in the flavors of the liquid that contains the nicotine and in the quality of vapor the cigarettes produced. Since I wanted to replace the rich menthol and real tobacco taste of my Newport cigarettes, I chose one that let me mix my own liquid flavors in the empty cartridges, the Vapor King from Vapor4Life. I thought that would allow me to enjoy the menthol flavor without losing the tobacco taste.

What I most obviously enjoyed about my water vapor cigarettes was the help they provided in helping me with my goal to quit smoking. Although I am still not smoking the liquid that contains zero nicotine, I am smoking a cigarette that doesn’t cause the damage of regular cigarettes to me or to those around me. Like most smokers, I enjoy smoking after a good meal and the Vapor4Life allows me to smoke in restaurants and other places where I would no longer be able to smoke my Newport cigarettes!

The Vapor4Life is Safer than Newport Cigarettes and Offer a Great Smoke

When I first started using the Vapor4Life, there were several people that approached me, complaining about my breaking the “No Smoking” rule in public. However, once I explained to them that it wasn’t a regular cigarette and that it didn’t produce smoke, they were ready to give it a try for themselves!

I have never really ventured out and tried any of the other flavors that Vapor4Life offers for their water vapor cigarettes but there are many different options for flavors and for the levels of nicotine you can use in your cigarette. I have gradually reduced the amount of nicotine that I am smoking and have made a tremendous difference in my health already by getting rid of the tar and other chemicals that I was getting each time I smoked my Newport cigarettes.

While the Vapor4Life turned out to be a great choice for me, you should check out the water vapor cigarette reviews online to determine which of the cigarette brands and the cartridge flavors will work best for you!

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