What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

Before Making the Effort, You Might Consider “What Happens when You Quit Smoking?

One thing all smokers have in common is the understanding of how difficult it is to quit. Many people try time and again without success. After a while, they might wonder if it is really worth the effort. If you have ever wondered what happens when you quit smoking and whether it is worth going through the agony of getting past your nicotine addiction, then you should consider just a few of the answers. You should also take a look at a method of quitting that has proven successful for many long-term smokers. Vapor electronic cigarettes make it easy and inexpensive to start enjoying what happens when you quit smoking.

What Happens when You Quit Smoking – the First 48 hours

No matter how long you have smoked, you will start to reap the benefits quickly once you have smoked your last cigarette. Your blood pressure will decrease while the temperature of your extremities increases. The carbon monoxide in your blood will go to normal. You have less of a risk of experiencing a heart attack and the nerve endings in your body start to re-grow. You will be able to smell and taste your food better than before! Even those events that occur within the first 48 hours make it worthwhile to try your first free vapor cigarette so that you can stop smoking the dangerous tobacco cigarettes that are taking your health and life.

What Happens when You Quit Smoking? – Within the First Few Months

You will have better circulation so that movement is easier. Your smoker’s cough will diminish and your lungs will begin to function better. Within 9 months, you will no longer feel fatigued and short of breath while coughing and sinus congestion fade away.

What Happens when You Quit Smoking? – Within the First Year

Once you have stopped smoking for one year, your risk for developing coronary heart disease or that of having a heart attack is cut in half! Within five to fifteen years after you quit, your risk of stroke is the same as that of a non-smoker. Once you make it to ten years, your risk of developing lung cancer is reduced as it that of developing cancer in other areas of the body.
What Happens When You Quit Smoking

What Happens when You Quit Smoking? – In Fifteen Years

Once you have quit smoking for fifteen years, your risks for developing coronary heart disease or of having a heart attack returns to nearly that of someone who has never smoked. You get your health back and enjoy the long, healthy life that you were given to enjoy in the first place!

Are water vapor cigarettes safe as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes? Not exactly. These cigarettes still contain nicotine that is harmful but they don’t contain the tar and thousands of chemicals that cause so many dangerous health problems. Vapor electronic cigarettes are a safer choice than tobacco cigarettes and they allow you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you are smoking while still allowing you the “feeling” of smoking. Considering what happens when you quit smoking, that makes cheap electronic cigarettes that produce a harmless mist without the hazardous ingredients of real tobacco one of the most valuable tools you can buy!

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